Botox week 1

After 15 months of horrible migraines, 3 different medications, 12 weeks of physical therapy, a CT scan, x-rays, 2 ER visits, multiple neurologist appointments, and  one visit each  to a chiropractor and acupuncturist we have moved on to BOTOX! Botox is the next thing on the list for us to try. I've been doing research [...]



So my last blog was so long ago, some of those things I have kept up with others I have not.. Life through some twists and curves, speed bumps. I don't know how I can possibly write a lot about things that happened so this is just going to be a bullet point list. and [...]

Happy New Year

Okay, I'll bite and jump on this bandwagon of welcoming in the new year. As you all remember 2017 ended with a not so good bang for me and 2018 started off with me dropping Nick off for the start of a 10 month deployment. But, I've got big plans for 2018. Let's First start [...]

Soap Box

So, the past week has been pretty crappy for me as well as busy. Of course this was Christmas weekend. It is very hard to be upset over Jesus' birthday when it is suppose to be about celebrating him. But, I was an emotional mess... And now the next week will most likely been even [...]

Makenzie Mick,  BSN 

1,062 days later I have finished nursing school. More about this amazing adventure after the new year 💕 Until then, I will be spending time with my man before he leaves.  2 weeks from today! Then I’ll be a blogging fool! I have so many things I am looking forward to blogging about in the [...]

Dear Nursing Student…

I have given this speech multiple times in person, to current nursing students, freshmen who are pre-nursing majors, and seniors in high school getting ready to graduate. But, I hope to reach those that are not just affiliated with UIndy, because I feel this is so important! So, if you are a nursing student please [...]