rewarding work

Today my clinical was spent out an adult day service, it was my second day there. I did a sensory bag with the clients. i filled a valentines day bad with dry beans and then put little toys in there for them to get, necklaces, pencils, cars, and bouncy balls. We had them reach in the bag and have them feel around and see if they could guess what they were feeling. when they pulled someone out  they were so excited and then were even more excited when i told them they got to keep what they picked out.

another client kept telling me how pretty i was. after i had such  a rough day yesterday it was nice to just hear that. it seems that the simplest things can affect us so much, good or bad.someone that doesn’t even understand what they are saying can change an hour of your day and make it better.

spending time with these older adults was as rewarding as spending times with little kids who are so excited about everything!

but being in this type of environment is as heartbreaking as it is rewarding. these people have regressed back into child like behavior. but they are in adult bodies. They need help with everything. the people who work there are of course more than happy to help. but you can still see the sadness in their eyes and how they feel that someone has to help them eat or that what they are trying to tell us isn’t understood because of the changes they have undergone.

My client said to me before I left “thank you for spending so much time with me today”

and that friends. is why I want to be a nurse.


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