rescue dog mom

Last weekend my boyfriend and I adopted a dog from the Humane Society. He is a pit bull terrier.  3 years old and was at the humane society for 2 and a half years. He is deaf, so no one wanted to take a chance on him.

We had looked at him online and we thought he was so cute! But there were a few others we were interested in too. So we woke up last Saturday morning and decided just to go and see the dogs. We went in and looked at all the dogs and then played with one. She is so sweet, another pit bull, but she was pretty small and we wanted a dog a little bigger. So then we went to play with Shadow. this is the point where I learned he was deaf- My boyfriend knew but I somehow didn’t remember hearing this part about him. So the volunteer brought him out and we played with him for a good hour.

We learned that he loves tennis balls!! like you wouldn’t believe! it was the sweetest thing ever! He was obsessed with that ball! and he was ball trained (which is pretty awesome) he wasn’t even interested in any treats – only the ball. So we played and played with him and we soon fell in love. I left the room and went an got an application to fill out. The adoption lady was there that day. We decided we wanted to take him home today if we got approved and if they would allow it. We do not have any other animals and we have a fence so the volunteer told us that the chances were pretty high! so we were extra excited. We turned in the application, but the adoption lady was at lunch.

The volunteer said she would go give shadow a bath and hopefully we would be able to get him soon! and then we left the Humane Society. We went right to PetsMart. We got a collar, a toy, had a name tag made, the whole nine yards! We were so excited. My boyfriend was worried- maybe we should wait, lets not jinx this. I said I want that dog – i have a good feeling about it. So we paid and left the store and go out to the car. then we got the call.

We got approved for the adoption and we would be ready in one hour. our faces both lit up so much! it was so exciting! We felt such a strong connection with him and we were so in love. We had lunch and then went to pick him up! We could tell he was excited to see us again! he came right to us! and just loved on us! we then got to put him in the car and go home!

We started our little family by adding a dog. A rescue dog. and our lives are so full! there are some challenges especially with him being deaf – its a whole new ball game! We can’t just tell him to get away from the trash from across the room we have to go get his attention (no laziness for us!! ). We can tell him we love him all we want – but he can’t see that. We get to show him our love and prove it to him. The best thing we could have ever done is adopt a dog from the humane society – We are giving him another chance- and we are so excited to have our little family. he makes our days so exciting!

The hardest part for me is being down in Indy finishing up school. I have to go 2 weeks without seeing my boy! luckily my boyfriend is really great at taking pictures and sending them to me on a daily basis! I feel like such a mom though- the first night I didn’t sleep much because I was up every hour or two making sure he was okay and comfortable and wasn’t wondering where he was.

He is such a great boy and we love him to death!

We strongly encourage adopting a dog from the humane society in your area!!! It is so rewarding and exciting! The dog will have so much love for you! The pure joy on our boy’s face when he was laying on a cough rather than a cement floor made our hearts warm!


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