independant distributors

Growing up my mom was a tastefully simple consultant for a while. I loved going to parties with her. We made up sample and would go to the party. We had so much fun doing that.

When I was a freshman in college my mom, sister, and I became perfectly posh consultants together and that was fun, but very time consuming and hard because I was in college 3 hours away.

Then last year I became a perfectly Posh consultant. I love this side gig I have going! I get to try all theses products and I get paid to do it. Plus I get to pamper people around me.

I am a very social person so the best part of being a consultant of something is getting to know many other people. And buying from other consultants from other companies.

LipSense, ItWorks, Scentsy, Younique, Tastefully Simple, LulaRoe, Thirty-One and those are only the ones I can think of they I buy from.

I love the opportunity to do the things I love and make money from it.

When people find  passion for the thing that they sell it makes it so much easier to be at those parties, they are so excited to tell you about their products.

That It was a love about Posh, it basically sells it self because I am so in love with the products that I don’t even have to convince people to get onboard.

I love the says about buying from a small business helps a family keep the household a float, not a millionaire buy another yacht.

Your order from a small business makes someone do a happy dance. that is me!!

I  love seeing new orders on my website! Then getting to keep in touch with those people and see what they think about their products.

plus I love trying other people’s products and promoting those to help them gain new customers.

Being a consultant can be hard work and people can be annoyed with our posts, but we are just trying to make money and spread the joy that we find from the products we sell.

Plus I could help a family go on a vacation that the don’t normally get to go on, help a family surprise their kids with summer camp, or help them not have to dip into savings for groceries.


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