Love Language


By now I am sure most of you have heard of “The 5 Love Languages”. Whether it be from reading it yourself, church, friends, article online, or people talking about it on the TV.

I have heard about it for years. My best friend has been pushing me to take the quiz for a few years now. She kept telling me how much it helped her in all her relationships not just her relationship with her significant other.

I was on my way home from Panera the other day when I drove past the Family Christian Book store. They had flags up to show they were having a sale because all the store are closing :(. I loved going in there on a random day just to look around. You could always find a gift for someone there or something that encouraged you.

Anyways, I saw the signs up to 50% off. so I stopped. I thought I will look for a devotional (they already sold out of the one I wanted). I kept looking. On an end cap was many different versions of “The 5 Love Languages”, Edition for Men, Military, Teens, Singles. But not the original (they sold out of that one too!). So at least I was going after books that were very popular.

I came home and took the quiz. I suggest taking it. It is pretty awesome. I’ll post the link below.  It really makes you think. It isn’t just something you can zip through, and you shouldn’t. Each question made me sit and think which is more important to me. I would imagine all these things happening and really had to think which of these is better in my eyes. Everyone is different.

The purpose of this is to find out what your love language is. How do you receive love the best way, is it through actions, gifts, time, touch, or words. Getting your partner to take it can help you discover how you can better love them. This will help you learn why they get upset over the things they do.

It isn’t uncommon to have more than one dominate love language. I have two, they are physical touch and words of affirmation. I love hugs from anyone and everyone, I am a clingy person, and I know this, it is one of my faults. I love holding hands in the car or walking through the store. This also means that I get upset easily when I am unable to do these things. For example. When I am driving and Noah gets a phone call so he isn’t holding my hand anymore he is focused on the phone I get so upset. But I have to learn it isn’t because he doesn’t love me, its just because someone else needs tot all to him a the moment.

My other love language is Words of Affirmation. I love hearing someone is proud of me, that they appreciate me, or they thank me. So things that irritate me, when people say things that say the opposite (even if joking), when people don’t say thank you when you hold the door open for them.

These are such little things but someone can learn so  much about loving me just through these things.

and I have learned so much about Noah through this as well. and I haven’t even started the book yet!

I got it in the mail today!

I am ready to read it and learn more about how I am best loved and how Noah is best loved as well. This is so good to know if you are happy in your relationship, not happy, or even not in a relationship. this Love language can be done for your children as well. Make this a family thing.

Take time to do this with your partner, with your children, or by yourself.

Learn more about yourself today.

What is your love language?

Peace and Love ♥


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