Sausage recipe and headaches



We are kind of on a smoked sausage kick around apartment 226 this week. We found we had 4 packages of it. And 4 weeks left in this apartment so we are using up food we can for the next few weeks.

So I am using one package of sauce – frozen broccoli and minute rice.

Hoping it is as good as it is easy.

So while it cooks…

Its been one long week.

Headaches are serious business!

they can just be a sign of stress or sinus infection or they can mean something so much bigger. Its hard to know what it is without those tests.

So, my headaches started about 3 months ago. I’ve been dealing with them well. Ya know, fake it till you make it. Well the last month they have gotten worse, I’ve been complaining more and taking medicine more and really doing those essential oils. The past past 5 days were so unbearable. I was so miserable. I was going to class. but not going to work and doing as little as possible.

I decided to go to a chiropractor and I was not very happy with who I went to see. I am not the healthiest eater, but I feel like It is hard to avoid all those types of things. and of course EVERYTHING was wrong with me.

He did nothing that day. When I thought I was going to be getting relief. I left in tears and didn’t stop crying the whole way home.

I called my mom crying of course and she came right down (3 hours) to be with me.  I of course went to my second class of the day (a 2 hour statistics class, talk about headache) That of course didn’t help AT ALL! I was even more miserable.

I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and I needed something. And Aleve wasn’t cutting it. So off to the ER I went. Let me tell you. Those ERs get CRAZY after 8pm. WHOA!!

It is so different being on the patient end. This girl just kept saying why can’t I go see my fiancé and I just wanted to look at her and be like “Hun, you would be in the way,  if you love him let him get the help he needs, get situated and you will be able to go back when he is stable and taken care of, plus you probably wouldn’t want to see half the things they are i having to do” But there was no way.

Finally my name was called. It was actually pretty quick, but listening to everyone’s drama made it seem so long. The nurses were so sweet, and my mom was very good at letting them know that I was in my senior year of nursing school and that she thought the headache was the definite stressor.  They all nodded and said “oh yeah I was there”. but they got me that migraine cocktail and I was feeling better pretty much within in minutes of that hitting my body.

Its been about 20 hours and I’m still feeling great! even on 5 hours of sleep!!

So now the trick is to keep this nasty headache away!!!

So essential oils are going to continue to be my friend along with coloring at night even just for 10 minutes. Along with a check up with my Primary care doc.

So back to dinner..

It was fabulous!!! Just as good as it was easy!!! It took about 15 minutes. Perfect for those night when you realize you have somewhere to be in and hour but need food before then!

Try this recipe!! you will love it!!




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