One thing.


I love this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. I found it as I was going through my inspirational quote coloring book.

So today, I did one thing.

I went to a restaurant by myself for dinner.

I have never done that before. I’ll go get takeout or go through a drive thru. But I have never gone in and sat at down and ate.

Let me tell you. It was terrifying.

The guy that took my order stared at me and smiled at me with a pity smile.

Then he brought my order to my table. When usually they call you up to the counter and did that to everyone but me.

Every time I looked up I saw someone looking at me.

I felt so many people staring at me while I ate alone.

Why is this?!

Why do we stare at people who are alone?

Why do we instantly feel they need pity if they are on their own.

It was the worst feeling ever.

I’m thinking to myself.

“Did I look pity? Is that why they were giving me a pity look?”

The other thing I did was that I did.

I left my phone in the car!

So not only did I eat alone.

I ate alone without my phone.

I wasn’t on my phone playing with games or anything like that.

I was just sitting there eating. With my own feelings.

So really thats like 3 things I did today that scares me.

ate alone. left my phone in the car. sat with my feelings.

What did you do today to scare you?


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