As I sit down in my stats classroom 45 minutes early – because I am too lazy to walk back to my apartment and then back to class in just 45 minutes- I  was thinking I need some inspiration and motivation to get through the rest of today, this week, heck even the next 4 weeks of school.

So where do I go? Twitter because it is easier to find quotes there than on Facebook  – especially when you follow pages like “Motivation!!”

So I refresh my feed and the very first tweet…

If you’re not making mistakes, then you are not doing anything, I’m positive a doer makes mistakes – John Wooden

Often we are so afraid of making mistakes. But when God created Adam and Eve they made mistakes. So we are supposed to make mistakes. We aren’t perfect.

So when I start to get down on myself I am going to remember this quote. Because we all make mistakes. But that is okay. that is what we do. No one will ever be perfect in this world. No one around you in going to be perfect.

I am going to make mistakes and hurt people around me. And others are going to make mistakes and hurt me. But what matters is how you and those other people make up for the mistakes they made. How they make it up to me or How I make it up to them.  How they/I own up to it.

So learn this. It is okay to make mistakes. But fess up. Own up. Make up.

Its better to do something and regret it than not do something and regret that.

Be a doer.

Life will be easier one you realize everyone makes mistakes and that they deserve forgiveness.

But still guard your hear and mind. Forgiving isn’t forgetting and forgetting isn’t forgiving.

Know the difference and know which one you need to do for each person and each circumstance.


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