So I was listening to the KLove this morning on my way to clinical and they topic was about people being busy.

One thing they said was that people are not really busy they just say they are. and I thought, really? because  I am pretty busy and I am not just saying that.

So as I am laying here in bed thinking about my week and weekend I am just thinking how busy it has been!

But I am also thinking that I am happy right now.

I love nursing school. It is tough, it keeps me so busy, it keeps me from sleeping a lot, it gives me so much stress that is most likely the biggest cause of my headaches. But I love nursing school. I love the friends I have met, I love my professors, I love the opportunities this university has given me, I love talking about my nursing career with others!

I love being part of Student Nurse Association – I am SO busy with it. But I have again made some AMAZING friendships through it. It is so incredible ❤ I love getting to build relationships even more with faculty and getting he opportunity to even talk to future students.

I get to share my experience with them  and tell them how great this major is, this school, and all the awesome things I have gotten to do.

I also love selling posh. I love that I use these products everyday and I can sell them so easily. I love that do it and I make money just from telling people about the products i use and they start to love them as much as I do.

I’ve found some amazing books lately. – currently I am in the middle of 5.. YIKES
The Shack Revised
5 love Languages
The Small things- Jodi Picoult
One more Day – Mitch Albom
and some other book on my phone to keep me occupied while I am waiting somewhere without a book –

I love my family. I have the best support system in the world. My mom is my best friend and biggest cheerleader. The one who always know what is best for me but knows when I need to hear it and when I don’t. She loves me no matter what. She knows exactly what to say and when to say it. she knows how to  make me laugh and how to make me cry in the good way. She brought me in this world and she can take me out as she frequently tells me.

My grandma is my best friend and constant supporter and the role model for my life. Following in her footsteps makes me so proud. Knowing how big her heart is and how many people say you are Doris Drake’s granddaughter? It truly makes me so happy inside getting to say yes. Sometimes they know her for her nursing skills, but mostly it is for her amazing food. And I am slowly but surely figuring out how to fill those footsteps as well.

My sister  is my anchor to keep my grounded, and I am the winds to keep her head in the sky. We fight like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day when push comes to shove she would be here in anyway I needed her. she knows just how to push my buttons and how to press reset.

My step dad is the most amazing man ever. He treats me like his own, loves me unconditionally just like a parent should. He always has my back and it is one of the most special relationships I can ever describe to you. But I sometimes don’t even have the words of how to describe it.

My grandpa has always been special to me. He never turns his back on me – He is always making sure I am taking good care of my car and always making sure I am safe. We may not talk all the time – But I sure know he will always be there when I need him. He has dreams so big even at 70 years old and he will also be someone I look up to. Never stop chasing dreams no matter how old you may be.

My friends are pretty amazing people too. One of the best and overwhelming feelings is when you are truly down in life and the people that say what can i do? Call me if you need anything. Sometimes I would think of these people and just people in my life. But then they turned into true true friends. Even better than you could imagine.

Alexis  – who writes me letters just to cheer me up and keep my going – and buys 4 kinds of ice cream during my roughest week.

Hannah – my sister in christ – my world traveling friend – the one who always is reminding me when I have a problem to just pray and trust God.

Tosha – who came in to my life so unexpectantly and the friendship has just bloomed beautifully. A sisterhood in christ. the one who gets me to do crazy things like Zumba

Kacie – who has become my partner in crime – always checking on me  she is like a little sister, so amazing and I am so proud of her and I can’t wait to see where she goes in her life. Because anywhere she goes she is going to make a huge impact and it is going to be awesome.

Katelynn who never lets there be a boring day in a math class. Keeps me on my toes. We laugh for hours over her crazy life. The girl who I have so much respect for and it seems to grow every single day.

I think sometimes that I don’t really have that many friends. but I think about these 5 girls especially and thing – wow I have got it pretty good.

There are more people who have made impacts in my life but these 5 truly are my rocks right now – check on me everyday  even when they have so much going on in their own life. The ones who know when I need a Mcdonalds coke, a prayer, or just some girl time.

I love my life. I love my busy busy life.  my happy busy life because it is mine – and I would be jealous of anyone else that had it and i wouldn’t be this happy with any other life.

peace and love my friends.


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