curve ball

Life is so crazy. You think one thing is right, and you find out later it isn’t. and more often than not you’ve spent a lot of time before you find that out. With that you can look at it two different ways.

  1. I wasted so much time on this when I could have done X, Y, Z and instead I have just wasted time.


  2. I had an experience and I know it wasn’t for me, but I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t have done that. And Now I can find a new path to take.

During the heat of the moment it is hard to not think about option 1. but once you stop and think about it option 2 becomes the more logical thinking.

someone very wise told me recently “If I had made that work I wouldn’t be right here, I wouldn’t have been looking for this, I would be somewhere totally different”

And it makes you think.

Darius Rucker has a song called “This”

how if he wouldn’t have hit that red light things would be different. If he got into that college instead of this one life would be different.

Its  crazy to think that one little thing could have changed all of this.

How many heartbreaks have I suffered? How many times have I hit a red light when I am in a hurry? How different would my life be if just one tiny thing would have changed.

If I that light changed just a half a millisecond later, I could have gotten through the light, but  what would have greeted me on the other side? How many accidents have I avoided because of a red light? something so little like that could change everything.

Thank God for all I missed, cause it led me here to this. 

God, thank you. Thank you for the opportunities you have given me to learn and to grow and to become the person I am. I know this is the definition of everything happens for a reason. You have perfect timing for every little thing in my life, because if it were different in just one way everything after that would be affected. You  put struggles in my life to get me through it, to get me to be the woman I am today. To put the people in my life that you have, and to take those out that don’t belong. I feel like I have a revolving door of friends and people in my life, and it has changed so quickly. but you also have shown me the people that are true friends. The people who know I am worth it, are there  even when things get ugly, when they find out everything about me, and when I need them in my ugliest crying moments. Your plan for me is better than I could ever plan out my life. Sometimes I just want a crystal ball to show me exactly what my future looks like so that I know why I am suffering all the struggles, but I have faith. faith in you. Faith that your plan is better. I am walking with Faith, not by sight. I want to make sure that I always remember your plan is better than mine, and you will always have my back and you know why you are putting me through it.

God you are good good father. †

Lord, you are going to heal my heart the way it needs to be healed and you are going to make sure that the right person is there to make sure my heart stays put together the proper way and keeps me happy.

Have faith my friends. ††





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