Organ Donation

Are you an organ donor?

I remember getting my permit when I was 15 sitting there and the lady asked me if I wanted to be an organ donor. I remember looking at my mom and she told me it was my decision and I said well then yes!

Back then I knew I wanted be a nurse and I knew a little bit about donation and transplant.

Today, we had someone from Indiana Donor Network come in and talk to our class and it was incredible. of course I cried just because of all the numbers and statistics and everything else. It was just really awesome.

So let me tell you a few of the things that this guy told us and you can see just how incredible this organization is. How much of an amazing thing you can do.

There are 120,000 people on a waiting list for organ donation

22 people die everyday off that list because they don’t get a donation

There were 106 people that died in 2016 that were Designated Donors on their drivers license and IDN was never called about donation of organs (which is how the 22 people die everyday)

Did you know that if someone is an organ donor that they don’t pay ANYTHING for the harvesting of their organs AND  neither does the recipient!!! Indiana Donor Network picks up the tab – if that doesn’t make you cry enough because that is when it hit me HARD!

The first step of donation is someone deciding they want to be a donor through the BMV or you can go online and register!

The second step is what I have to do an a nurse- I have to be aware of my patient’s status and know when to call Indiana Donor Network so that that patient’s wishes can be carried out OR so the family can make the decision on if they want to donate their loved one’s organs.

There is an average of 3.57 organs donated per donor – HOW CRAZY!!!

So with then 106 people that wanted to be a donor but weren’t that could have results in 378 organ donations just if IDN would have been called !

Not just organs can be donated – organs, tissue, and eyes can be donated!

tissue donation is needed  for so many different reasons!

skin grafts – help burn victims survive!

tissue can be made into heart valves – so a 105 year old person can donate tissue to be made into a heart valve for a newborn.

Learning all these fun facts today was the most amazing presentation I have ever sat through.

I had the God bumps the WHOLE. ENTIRE. TIME!

So you know its a good thing!

It is so amazing that someone can be a hero even after they have passed on.

How even more amazing that they could be saving more than 1 life.

Plus part of them still lives on – not just emotionally and spiritually but PHYSICALLY!!!

I highly recommend you look into organ donation and talk about it with your loved ones. Really look into see all the amazing opportunities organ donation can do.

I was truly moved by the presentation we had today.

I hope every single one of you reading this considers being an organ donor or atlases looks into organ donation.


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2 thoughts on “Organ Donation

  1. I’ve always been a donor. My cousin was the first child to receive a liver transplant in the state of Indiana and that kept her alive for well over 20 years. Sadly her body couldn’t fight the disease anymore and in January she went home to be with our Lord, but she live a great life from receiving a donated liver. I will ALWAYS be an organ donor.

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