Nursing School

I’ve told the story a million times about how I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 8 and follow in my grandma’s footsteps.

Nursing School is one of the toughest Bachelor programs. There are sometimes where I wonder, “is this worth it?”. Sometimes, that answer is no, sometimes it is yes. And I know that once I graduate and start working that answer will be yes.

My nursing class started with 48 people. We had a few people that had fallen back with your class and we lost some people. So we are now down to 37. We have lost a lot of people since the beginning and we have gained a lot of people as well.

But the one thing that has remained the same is that as a class we have always been very close. We have our groups that we spend more time with.

When school gets tough, my grade isn’t the best I have the best support from the people in my class. My friends study with me and we quiz each other. We go through practice questions and talk them through. While we wait for grades stressed out as ever. Especially when they won’t be posted for 2 days.

so, what did we do yesterday after our final? we baked 120 cookies for our mentees. and We thought back to every question we could and talked about which answer we chose. So, here I was freaking out after my test and after talking to these girls about the questions, I was thinking okay, I knew what I was doing, and I think I may have survived that final and survived this class.

So, Here is some background. Last year, I had pathophysiology, and it was the hardest class ever, I couldn’t get the hang go it. So, I went into the final not passing the class, and I had to do EXTREMELY well on the test to pass the class. So, I studied non stop for those 2 weeks leading up to that test. I was teaching it to my friends and making sure they were able to understand it. Which meant I really understood what I was learning and then teaching. So I did better than Extremely well on the test and passed the class.

So, now this semester I have struggled with class, its been tough.  I knew the material but the questions were something I was really struggling with. So, here this time I again.. went into the final not passing the class. and I had to do fairly well on the final to pass the class. I feel like I did pretty well, but at this moment grades have not been posted. so, now I just have to wait until tomorrow morning, and it is awful.

♥↑But, what I have learned through this is that my friends are amazing. They study with me and they worry with me. They help distract me from worrying also.

Nursing school is the toughest thing I have ever had to go through, and this semester I have had other tough things to go through. But, my friends have remained by me, they have stuck with me and encouraged me.

So, when I talked about “is nursing school worth it?”  the friendships that I have gotten out of it has made it definitely worth it!!

I am so grateful for my friends that have helped me through the semester.

Hannah, Alexis, Katelynn, Maria, Jena, Deborah, Katelyn, Conner, Kayla, Abby, Laurie. They have all made sure to check on me, remind me that I am capable of passing my classes and kicking butt.

and of course my family who has always believed in me.

I am meant to be a nurse. But, I am so sick of having to pull myself out of the mud!!!

So, here is to hoping that I get to go on to my last semester of nursing school! and Be a graduate in December!!!!




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