Being a Nurse (Almost)

There are 203 days until I get to add 3 more letters to my name. BSN. Then some time after that I get to take the test to add RN also.

I’ve talked before how nursing school is challenging. How there are days when you think is this really worth it? Is it worth not getting to go to that game? not getting to go out? going to bed early for clinical the next day and then staying up late the next night to study?

But, now that I have one semester left, now that I am in the area I want to be in, now that  the light at the end of the tunnel is more clear… it is TOTALLY worth it. Every tear, every missed event, every sleepless night, every moment of stressing out waiting for grades. It has all been worth it.

Ya know what else? Those Johnson & Johnson commercials, you know what I am talking about? if not here you go.  check these out for all the God bumps you can ever ask for.

  1. Thank you Johnson & Johnson for those, you show the aspects of nursing that many people forget that we do and what we care about.

I’ve gone through all my clinical experiences and almost all of them, I enjoyed, even Psych. Labor and Delivery not so much. But, thats what nursing school is for, you get to see it all. you see what you like and what you don’t.

So, I am working in the Operating Room right now. I am a nurse extern, and there is hope that a position will open up for when I graduate in December and I’ll be able to apply for it. But for now, I am getting some training out of the way. I get to do a lot under the supervision of a Nurse. I get to see so much. and I am learning so much.

In Nursing school I had one day in the Operating Room ok? So lets talk about that. but first,  let me tell you, I’ve been in the OR before this. I was at the hospital I work at now observing just to see what it was like, (spoiler, I loved it and knew I wanted to be there one day). Everything was fine. it was wonderful!!

Now, nursing school OR day… that a different story. It was my 3rd semester of nursing school. It was like February. I was so excited. Getting to go back to the OR and see more of the nurse’s role. So, we are in Pre-Op.  the first question the nurse asks me is – did you eat? and I said yes! I made sure I did! Now, my patient is in isolation. So we go in we gown up, mask up, glove up. I do little things- but the blood pressure cuff on, the SCDs (the things that go on your legs and massage your legs to prevent blood clots during surgery), and just get a set of vitals. Not a big deal. Then I go stand in the corner of the room so I am out of the way. I’m listening to all the questions that are being asked. Listen to the explanation of the procedure, etc etc.

Next thing I know I am laying in a bed and they are asking where my phone is…

So, that room was HOT. I was HOT, and I guess I said out loud in the patient’s room, “I don’t feel well”, next I am falling down, my nurse is running over to me, she is calling for help she is ripping the gown off me and I am just sweating.

The most embarrassing part- I wasn’t even in the OR!!

That is where most people pass out! – yeah not me – I pass out in Pre- op when my patient is in isolation and I start sweating really bad…  lets talk about ugh…

So, since I don’t remember anything  about it at all they wheeled me off to the ER to have my checked out. whole lot of nothing was done besides a pregnancy test and checking my blood pressure and finally my blood sugar (I am known to have blood sugar that tanks every once in a while). Go, figure everything was fine….

My instructor ended up having to come down and check on my in the ER, my mom was called. It was pretty ridiculous, They didn’t want me to go back in to surgery so, I ended up at home the rest of the afternoon resting. Still completely confused on what happened and how it happened.

Now, I am in the OR full time and I am even more in love with it than I thought I could ever be. It is a totally different nursing that what I was use to doing in school. I had at least two patients, maybe more. I was doing assessments, passing meds, vitals every few hours, rounding checks every 2 hours. Now, I have one patient I focus on at a time and everything that is done there is completely different than what floor nurses do.

It just goes to show that being a nurse there are so many opportunities. There is so many things that one can do, from being  a school nurse to working in a doctors office to a hospital, to a person’s home. The best part is that each of them are as rewarding as the other just in different ways.

Did you know that nurses are among the top professions that american respect the most, for honestly and ethics?  check this out:

For me, I love hearing those stories about how a nurse affected someone’s life. One of my favorite things I heard while being at clinical for school was having a patient tell me “You  are truly happy doing this and you are going to make a great nurse”. That gave me the best feeling ever. Knowing that my passion for nursing was not just inside me, but it was able to shine through me so that others could see it too.

I’ve had co-workers tell me how great of a nurse I am going to be – and it just make you feel so good having  someone who has been a nurse for years tell you that.

but the most rewarding is having your grandma say it. My grandma who has been a nurse for almost 30 years and has been retired for a while, but you can’t take the nurse out of her. She tells me all the time how great of a nurse I will be. she tells me all the time, “Mama Smith sure would be proud of you”. Those are the words that never fail to remind me it is all worth it. Every single down in nursing school is worth it to hear those words from a patient, a nurse, or a family member.

I’ve shared this next story before on my Facebook page, but I wanted to make sure it was here on my blog so that you all could see it. This was the single most biggest and most memorable moment of my whole nursing school career. nothing that can come next semester will ever be able to top this…

My Facebook post from march 26, 2016

 I had a patient last week that reminded me why I wanted to be a nurse. 

I’ve shared this story with my family but not publicly yet. 

It was my last day of Med-surg clinical for this semester. And I chose my patient and walked in and she wasn’t too thrilled to see me. 

I knew that she had just had a hysterectomy along with my many other things removed because of cancer. I was doing my assessment on her and I got about half way done and the doctor walked in to discuss the pathology report. At this time the air in the room felt very heavy and somber.

the doctor went on to tell my patient that all the pathology reports came back and the cancer was only in her one ovary. She got the news that they were able to remove the cancer. Immediately the air in the room changed. It was lighter and all the bad vibes went out the door as the doctor gave her good news. The doctor gave the patient a hug and then she left the room. 

I looked at my patient and she sighed a sigh of relief. And I looked at her and said congratulations. And she started to cry. I walked up closer to her bedside and she said to me “well you have gotten to see one of the biggest moments in my life and now you see me a mess crying” I told her how happy I was for her and I sat down holding her hands. She pulled me closer to give me a hug and we sat there holding each other. Both of us crying. When we finally pulled away from each other I looked at her still both of us crying. And I asked if I could pray for her. She said I would love that! So I prayed with my patient rejoicing God that he gave this women the ability to know her body and know when something strange was happening and when she needed to go to the doctor. Thanking God I was on the unit that day and she hadn’t gone home the day before like she had planned. 

This was the first time I had the courage to ask a patient if I could pray for them. And it was a great feeling praying and crying with a patient. 

I am so happy I chose nursing.


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