When the worst day becomes a good day. 

If you are on my social media pages you saw that I got bit by a dog over the holiday weekend. But if you are not then, I got bit by a dog this holiday weekend. 

We went to Nick’s friend’s lake house to go fishing and hang out. After fishing the dog came outside and played in the water, he was a pretty black lab. He was just hanging out walking around us and then he went to go inside and just laid down at the top of the steps,he really didn’t want to go inside. Who would?! It was so nice out!

I went to pet his head so I bent over a little and he looked up at me and I thought maybe he was going to give me kisses but he just reached up and grabbed on to my lip. He let go very quick and I was in shock. There was no warning, he didn’t growl or anything. 

I stood up and was a little off balance and said “oh my gosh he bit me” and nick and his buddy turned around like what! And nick helped to stabilize me. Then he just said we have to go to the hospital and started grabbing all our things and leading me to the car. 

Of course the nurse in me is like “what!? I just got bit it can’t be that bad, just let me look at it” and nick said ” kenz you are bleeding” so then I looked in the reflection of the window and on my hands and yeah there was some blood so I said okay yea, we should go. So off we went to the hospital. 

He got me pretty good, I have to say. 

We got in the car and Nick is asking me where I want to go and if we are close enough to Elkhart General, I said we shouldn’t be too far so yes let’s go there. He is trying to figure out the fastest route there and checking on me asking me if I’m okay every few seconds. 

This when you realize the little things your significant other does that means so much. 

He grabs my purse and we get into the ER and get all checked in, he is making sure they have all my information and everything they need. Of course a police report and health department report all has to be filed. So he is doing all that with the nurse and secretary. 

We get taken back to a room and are waiting to be seen. And Nick is pretty much silent. If you know Nick, you know this is pretty rare. 

And this when the day become a good day.. 

The nurse practitioner was great, she paid close attention to stitching me up and made sure it was just right since it is on my lip. So she was amazing making sure I would have minimal scarring. 

I kept glancing over at Nick throughout our time in the ER, and honestly he looked so worried and freaked out and I could tell he was. But, he was trying to not show it because he was there for me. But in the messiest situations in life you find out how much someone cares about you. 

I got this opportunity with Nick this weekend. It was not how we would have liked to spend Saturday night of a holiday 5 day weekend. But we did and we made the best of it. We laughed about coming up with a cool story about what happened and my scar. 

He cared for me in every way possible and showed just how much he cares about me, and it was one of the best feelings. I just kept thinking “I’m so blessed to have him to take care of me and do everything he can to make me feel better”. 

From driving to pharmacies all over town to find a 24 hour one to breaking up a sandwich in little pieces so I could eat to getting a straw so I could drink, I got a little glimpse at just how much he loves and cares for me.

So no, getting bit by a dog this weekend was not the best thing ever and I am still in some pain. But, what I found out made it kind of worth it.



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