Big Girl Purchase

Today I bought a new car, a 2014 Honda CR-V.

It was a big decision but it was good timing. I’ve been wanting an SUV for a few years now and with the kayaks we couldn’t haul them with our cars. So, an SUV just made sense.

I’ve looked seriously for about a month now, was just looking for the right one at the right price.

So, today I went to test drive a few just to see what I liked, what worked for me etc…

Well.. fast forward 3 hours and I am filling out paperwork to figure out the loan process.

It was exciting. I love the car and it had everything I wanted it to have at a great price and they took my car for trade in.

I am happy! 110%.

The car I’ve been driving was a 2006 Toyota Corolla. My great grandma bought it brand new and when she passed away it became mine (which was always the plan).

I love that car  and nothing was wrong with it, I was just ready for an upgrade and something that suited me better.

Then I start cleaning out Penelope and putting everything into my new Honda (which is yet to be named). At this point, I am realizing that I am saying goodbye to this car, a piece of my great grandma.

I looked at Penelope and said you were good for Mama Smith and I. and Then I looked up at the sky and said, “Mama Smith I hope you are okay with this”

As we pulled out of the dealership I tear up of course because now all I am thinking about is Mama Smith.

I tell Nick a little about the car and Mama Smith.

Remembering the day that Mama Smith bought the car.

She called and told me “I bought your future car Kenz”, I remember saying “Mama Smith it won’t be my car, you will be around after I start driving” She said to me “Well, maybe but by that point I’ll just let you drive me everywhere.”  and I was happy to do that.

She passed away just 10 months before I got my license. But, she was alive for 2 months while I had my permit.

So I never got to drive her around in the Toyota, but I did get to drive her twice that I can remember.

thinking back on all the little memories of the car.

There were a few times that I got in the car and I would smell her and I knew she was right there with me.

Mama Smith always had silver cars though when I knew her. A silver Bonneville and Corolla. So having the CR-V be silver gives me a little sign that she is ok with it






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